UTSC Open 15th - 16th September

03/09/2018 19:33:54
Jeremy Stein

UTSC Open Weekend 15th – 16th September 2018

 UTSC in Bourne End will hold the Vintage De May series (3 races) and Spade Oak Bowl on Saturday 15th and the Thames Series and Allen Challenge Cup (races) on Sunday 16th. The DeMay series is open to boats with sail numbers up to 3357 and all the other cup races and the Thames series are open to all Merlins. First race on the Saturday is at 11am.

Free camping is available in Sin City from Friday and there will be a Merlin meal at 7.30pm on the Saturday evening.

Bookings for the Saturday evening meal can be made at registration.

For more information contact Jeremy Stein at [email protected]

09/09/2018 18:10:18
Hi Guys,
Looking forward to seeing you all at Upper Thames this weekend. First race is 11am on Saturday and Sunday. There is free camping and a really special supper on Saturday evening. Please come-it will be fun!

12/09/2018 20:05:46
Looking like a good forecast for the weekend. The roast chicken dinner on Saturday evening will be spectacular. Looking forward to seeing you.

14/09/2018 13:45:43
Richard P
Should be a good weekend Chris.  See you there.


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