Trent Valley 9th September

03/09/2018 19:02:03
Hi -
Just wondering if anyone knows any details yet for the Midlands event at Trent Valley this Sunday? Had a quick look at the Trent Valley website which just states 10.55 which I guess is start time for first race?

03/09/2018 21:39:14
Martin Smith
I’m sure Guy will respond soon but yes first race is typically around 1100 launching directly into the starting area and typically two traces before a roast dinner with one further race after desert.

04/09/2018 13:20:40
Guy Browne

Hi, 1st Race at 11 o`clock, planned on 2 back to back races then final race after roast dinner 

Roast dinner £7.00 per person

Entry fee £12
Please could you email me [email protected] or post on here if you are intending on coming to help with catering numbers
Look forward to see you on the start line

05/09/2018 13:34:50
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Guy, can you book Angela and me in for lunch please. Will enjoy watching the racing.

06/09/2018 09:55:03
Martin Smith
Please do remember to let Guy know if your intending to eat as it makes it far easier for the club to calculate the correct size of joint they require!

07/09/2018 10:06:32
Steven Leney
we will be coming Guy

08/09/2018 11:39:56
Guy Browne

Wind forecast looking good,

 Are there any Vegetarians I need to cater for ? 

09/09/2018 00:59:24
Peter Slack
Guy, add me to the dinner list please.

Do you have a spare crew available ?


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