centreboard controls

03/09/2018 13:14:33
Hi Folks, a little help / advice?
on storm cloud the board 'floats' all the way up' when downwind making her a bit of a handful..Does anyone have a system they use to stop this happening? i'd prefer something more elegant than bungee...
I sort of remember my old 5oh having a sort of continous rope system that created a bit of friction and one clam cleat....but i am to old to recall properly!

03/09/2018 13:51:29
Stuart Bates MR3615
That didn't happen when new, is the friction pad tight enough or need replacing?
Some options,
Fit a stuffer, this sits in the case behind the centreboard when sailing and will stop the board coming up fully.
Fit a downhaul line, which clips to the board, so that it limits the travel up, but can be used to lower the board.
Fit a full uphaul/downhaul system, the friction will limit the movement.

03/09/2018 18:49:47
Chris m
Was never an issue for me either. The woodwork diesgtble d itself to the modern style system, but have a look at a winder fireball - that system should fit reasonably easily


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