Castle Cove ST information for competitors

26/08/2018 18:19:04
Courtesy of Sam Pascoe details as follows :

1pm sat. 10.30 Sunday. 3 races each day. Campers can be parked on site. If forecast is good we will be in bay so leave 45 min to start. Food and beer in club sat night 

Could you please put this on web site

28/08/2018 18:08:28
Martin Smith
What are the evening meal options for the Saturday night please.

30/08/2018 10:07:30
Chris M
I have just found out you can not park campers in site. You can park just outside on a quite road/ laybay. 
Dinner Saturday night £4 for either fish and chips. 2 sausage and chips or 2 pea fritters and chips. Order when you register

30/08/2018 20:50:32
Is anyone planning on staying at Martlands Farm?

31/08/2018 14:01:08
Nearly Homeless Mary
Will one of the Sunday races be Bart's Bash?

31/08/2018 14:03:24
Nearly Homeless Mary
*My bad, only the bike ride this weekend


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