whereabouts of Merlin Rocket no.3002

18/08/2018 21:28:48
 Hi, my name is John Turner and I have a friend who went to work in Vancouver in 1981. He owned a Merlin Rocket no 3002 which we sailed at Bristol Corinthians Club prior to his move. He intended to return to England when his work contract finished after three years. But has still not returned. He can't remember what happened to his boat and would love to know if it is still around. He did have a buyer originally but the deal fell through. He asked me if I could help as I live in England and used to sail with him. I've tried various channels so far without success, and wonder if any one can solve the mystery. THANKS. 

24/08/2018 17:16:39
Rebecca Baker
I remember seeing 3002 at Bala in 2005 sailing at the inlands. I spoke to the guy sailing it and he told me he was a member at Bala. Sorry I don't know anything more. I hope you track it down.

25/08/2018 06:02:01
Graham Cranford Smith
I was a member of bcyc in 1981 and briefly crewed for one Jerry Rook in a Ghost Rider.  I wish now I had carried on crewing for him. I remember most of the bcyc Merlin personalities.  In those days bcyc was Merlin Central.  The contents of the under cover boat store was like drinking with your eyes; there were many Merlins, including Blondie John Shorrock's boat which was sublime.  

Who is your contact?

13/09/2018 20:57:47
John Turner
Thanks for the replies. Still searching. Bala have no record of the boat. but told me to contact "Class record merlin rocket" and I'm awaiting reply. Sorry Graham, wasn't sure what you meant by "who is your contact", but realise I didn't mention his name. It's Garry Martin. Thanks. both.

31/10/2018 16:40:00
Rebecca Baker
I have just found mention of 3002 in Banbury SC archives. I had remembered it from my youth sailing days. It last won the MR fleet trophy in 1981. It was owned then by Nick & Steve Bolland,which was why I noticed it at Bala, as they were friends of mine in the youth group. Maybe the MR entry list from the 2005 Inlands would help?

22/11/2018 20:51:18
John Turner
Thanks Rebecca for your reply. we still haven't found the whereabouts of 3002. you say it was owned by Nick and Steve Ballard in 1981. I rang Bala club and spoke to the bar man there who was quite knowledgeable of the club. He  said they had no record and told me to contact class. records, which I did with no positive result. Do you know the whereabouts of Nick and Steve Ballard? Any more info would be great. I know, it's a long time ago. I will try on facebook as I have been told there is a Merlin revival fleet group. thanks again John T

23/11/2018 09:34:36
Steve Bolland
3002 was definitely owned by my brother during the early 1980s and we sailed it as Banbury SC and Draycote Water SC. I recall going down to somewhere near Chew Valley to pick it up. It was called Virgo but there's a very funny story about it's previous name. Apparently, when the owner bought it it had alternate white and purple planks and was called Purple Granny. He had to stay overnight at the previous owner's house when he bought it as it was a long drive. He was given the guest bedroom which had purple carpet, purple duvet, purple curtains. As he was leaving the next day the guy came running after him shouting, 'You've forgotten the purple paint'.
Anyway, I don't recall us doing the Bala Inlands, I think we had sold it by then as we were at university. We did a few opens round the Midlands. It's so long ago I've no idea whom it was sold to - my memory isn't what it was. I'll ask Nick if he knows but his memory's worse than mine.

23/11/2018 09:45:21
Steve Bolland
I had a word with Nick and I was right about his memory. He thinks it went to Bourne End though.

23/11/2018 09:47:13
Steve Bolland
So Cookham Reach SC potentially.

23/11/2018 18:40:19
Rod & Jo
Bring on Leslie Welch,- if anyone can remember him!
Rod & Jo 

01/12/2018 11:56:44
John Turner
Thank you Steve for you lovely reply. Yes, you are right he did live near Chew Valley in the village of Stanton Drew. He did repaint it white and renamed it Virgo. Haven't heard the purple story before, I will ask him. Thanks Again  

02/12/2018 14:58:27
Steve Bolland
I'd post some photos but I don't think it's possible on the forum.

12/12/2018 17:11:40
John Turner

Hi Steve. love to see some photos. Garry would I'm sure love to see photo's of his old boat. You could post them on an email to him I'm sure or to me. His email address is [email protected]  or mine is [email protected].

I have trouble at the moment with my emails as it won't accept photo's for some reason. but I'm sure Garry would be over the moon to see them. Thanks so much for your info. and if you can email him the photo's that would be lovely.  

24/01/2019 14:33:17
Rebecca Baker
Steve, you and Nick didn't have Virgo at the islands at Bala in 2005!! It was sailed by some fairly new to merlons people. It was only because it was your boat that I noticed it!


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