Nautilus Sailing Inland Champs 2018

15/08/2018 08:08:28
And now for something completely different - an Inland Champs by the Sea!
Free camping on the Bay - 1 minutes walk to the Club! 
Please check out the attached flier for the 2018 Inland Champs at Cardiff Bay SC - Inlands Poster
Fleet Captains - please print and display the poster in your home clubs.
For the finer details - here is the Inlands NoR 
Will let you have more info once we get back from the Nationals but please email me any questions in the meantime.
If we don't see you in Lyme, look forward to seeing you at Cardiff Bay.
Bore Da 

05/09/2018 14:32:09
Ian Mackenzie
More info to appear very shortly

05/09/2018 14:46:40
Ian Mackenzie
Draft SIs should be available by the end of this week.
In the meantime, you can find out more info about the venue here:
Free camping available right outside the club compound. Electric hook-up (chargeable) inside. Access to overnight toilet facilities available - you will need an electronic keycard (free but subject to a refundable security deposit)
Saturday night meal available in the clubhouse, details to follow and must be booked at Registration.
Bar and disco in the evening after Saturday night prizegiving. 

07/09/2018 12:05:49
Ian Mackenzie
Hi All, some more detail for you, an Entry Form and draft SIs.
CBYC are expecting us any time from Friday afternoon. Boats will be stored inside their secure compound but cars must be left outside. There is plenty of free parking space and it is right outside the boat park.
Camping, campervans and motorhomes are FREE - again right outside the boatpark.
If you need electric, please contact CBYC and book a hookup space (electric will be charged)
If you need overnight toilet facilities, please see the CBYC office who will provide an electronic keycard (against a refundable security deposit).
Entry for the event is £45 and a 2-course evening meal (see Entry Form) is £10/person - all payable at Registration. Please bring cash or a cheque. Saturday evening prize giving, disco and bar after supper.
It would be really helpful if you could pre-enter (no charge, pay at Registration) the Entry Form is here. Nothing fancy, please download, edit, save and email back to me mrnationals at
And finally, here are your draft SIs.
See you in Cardiff - cheers Ian 

08/09/2018 12:19:40
Ian Mackenzie
First entry received - bonus.
What's in it for you? Save time at Registration - save filling in another form.
We will print and bring your entry. All you will have to do is check/pay/sign/collect meal tickets
Check out this new website - courtesy of Peter Slack

09/09/2018 16:47:01
Ian Mackenzie
For those who can arrive on Friday, the bar is open 12.00 - 23.00 and the restaurant is open 18.00 - 21.00

11/09/2018 14:37:09
Ian Mackenzie
3 entries confirmed so far.
Nautilus Yachting Inland's web site should allow me to post details later tonight.
Please keep the entries coming  it will save you time AND is at no cost.
At Registration, just check, sign and pay.
Here is the link- Inland's Entry Form 

12/09/2018 09:07:50
Ian Mackenzie
Thanks to everyone who has sent an Entry Form so far.
These will be printed, ready for you to sign on the day.
Please have cash or cheque ready for Saturday 22nd Sep.
Your forms are really helpful as we have to run our own results service and your entries will allow me to have the competitors data checked and ready for Sailwave.
Many thanks Ian 

12/09/2018 10:26:21
Ian Mackenzie
Re campervans/motorhomes - afraid all the hook-ups already gone. Still plenty of room on the Bay View pitches - first come  first served.

14/09/2018 16:52:07
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Everyone. The Inlands' Sailing Instructions for next week are as above. 
To save time, money, paper, the planet etc. we would prefer if you read/download them from this link.
A copy will be available on the ONB at Cardiff Bay YC.
If you really really want a personal copy, please drop me an email and I will print them off ready for you. Course cards will be provided.
mrnationals at 

15/09/2018 12:22:00
Ian Mackenzie
Entry List just updated
Very pleased to see that, of the first 10 entrants, 8 have lady crews and one has a lady helm too.
Any more takers? 

16/09/2018 16:20:34
Colin Brockbank
Subject to conditions think we ve got 4 coming from Wembley will try to get them doing online jobs entry

16/09/2018 17:02:59
Ian Mackenzie
Thanks Colin. Look forward to seeing the Wembley Gang.
If you could do the forms that would be a real bonus for me. Failing that, just email me boat numbers, helm & crew names and meal tickets required. Cheers

16/09/2018 18:32:00
Colin Brockbank
Will do

17/09/2018 11:44:35
Martin Smith
Whats Saturday evenings menu choice please Ian??

17/09/2018 13:31:28
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Martin and everyone.
Menu –  2 courses: Soup followed by Slow roast pork, red cabbage, garlic roast potatoes (vegetarian option available)
£10 per person, Tickets need to be collected at Registration. Any idea of numbers would be really helpful.
You can reserve tickets on the Entry Form - back page/last question. Or just email me.
More details re programme below. 

17/09/2018 13:45:57
Ian Mackenzie
Inlands Champs - must be Windy?
OK, so when I looked at my favourite random conditions allocation system (XC Weather) this morning Saturday was a very reasonable F4/5, warm and dry. Overnight was horrific, F8 - F10 and for most of the day! Even the motorhome was looking at risk. So, some contingency planning this morning. If, and I do say if, armageddon comes to fruition, we will still have a fantastic weekend. The programme is flexible and we WILL sail as many races as possible in the best conditions available. Since looking at the options, the weather gods have relented somewhat so no immediate decisions required.
But, the disco is booked, the galley will be on song, we have lots of goodies to hand out as subsidiary prizes and we already have 12 entrants (and I know of more promised). So, get your kit packed, check your passport is ready, plan to head for The Inlands by The Sea. We are going to have a great weekend at Boating on the Bay, Cardiff.
If we need to change the schedule, first gun WILL NOT CHANGE - Sat 12.55. SIs are published so I will post any SI Change to the race details on here by 19.00, Fri 21st Sep. 

17/09/2018 16:51:47
Ian Mackenzie
Reinforcements arriving.
Check out the opposition here - Inlands Entries


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