Register of Associate Members

14/08/2018 10:02:47
I received my 2018 Year Book a few days ago. When I read through it I was astonished and annoyed to discover that the Register of Associate Members was missing. We are not all dead yet so why?
Robert Harris.  Twice past MR Chairman.

14/08/2018 11:04:40
Olly Turner
I believe they were removed to comply with the new GDPR legislation. 

14/08/2018 13:54:37
Robert Harris
Thank you Olly, I understand what has happened. Nearly all the members' personal details have also disappeared so for me the 2018 Year Book will not be as useful as they used to be.
Robert Harris

14/08/2018 21:39:13
Chris Martin
We will be revisiting the GDPR issue over the next 12 months.
We accept that the current situation is not ideal. 


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