New North Sails for Sale

10/08/2018 18:06:03
Afternoon Folks, as we’re no longer attending the Merlin Nationals due to my illness, we have a sizable stock of new current North Merlin sails (North Agent) in stock and looking to streamline them. This is a great opportunity for a team(s) to grab a bargain if looking for North Sails. They have not even been out of the boxes. 1 main, 2 jibs and 1 kite

Merlin Rocket Jib MJR-3 - RP £295 +VAT
Merlin Rocket Mainsail M-6 RP - £925 +VAT
Merlin Rocket Spinnaker K-5R (Red) Dynakote 75 RP - £425 + VAT

For suit we’re looking to sell at £1,500 inc. VAT at a saving of £474. This is a not to be repeated offer and not negotiable. So if looking for a premium suit of fast sails for the Nationals, you need look no further

Individual sails we’ll offer a discount of 10% and for 2 sails 17.5%

Contact: Barnsie 07775 421 935, [email protected]


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