Aladdin''s cave meets Merlin garage

31/07/2018 17:42:39

After a bit of a clear out, I have got lots of Merlin bits available for sale. If you are interested, do please give me a call. 07979 706390

Winder centreboard (28mm).

Milanes centreboard (30.5mm). Suit Let it Ride/Easy Roller design and similar.

Wrecked ‘Em Boatyard centerboard (30.5mm). Suit Let it Ride/Easy Roller design and similar.

Winder fixed rudder and rudder bag.

ST foils fixed rudder.

Set of carbon twin poles.

2 tapered Aluminium spinnaker poles (6’).

Aluminium Superspar boom.

A number of carbon tiller extensions of various lengths.

01/08/2018 10:33:19
where is Aladdin's cave please?

01/08/2018 12:13:35

Where are you/Who are you?


I might be interested in the Carbon Poles and Tiller Extension (dependant on Length)


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