No. 1680 - Youtube Update & Test Pilot Needed.

28/07/2018 09:16:51
Floyd R
Hi All,

I have just posted the latest update #3 on Youtube here:
or: Merlin Rocket No.1680 Restoration Update #3

I’ve tried something different this time and some may find it boring but hey ho.

Before I ventured on to this forum the plan was to pay for an hour’s tuition, for an instructor to test the boat out for me. However, now I’m here I wonder if there are any test pilots out there who fancy the job, or better still, any potential buyer who wants a trial?
I am local to Rutland Water, Pitsford, Holowell or similar. LE9 postcode.

I realise I’ll probably never get back what it owes me in terms of time and expenses but anyone mad enough to want to race one of these things probably has something interesting to swap?

I’m genuinely disappointed that the Triumph TR7 I restored hasn’t been taxed or MOT’d since 2010, so I’d like to find a decent home for the Merlin.
Thanks to the forum for the help so far.

20/08/2018 20:14:13
Floyd R
I now have my next project on the horizon and could do with moving the Merlin on.
Could anyone give me some idea of what I could expect to get for this boat please?


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