Merlin Week 2019

16/07/2018 23:12:47

We have 120 entries to the draw as of 23:04 16/7/2018. Sincere thanks for your support of this event.


We will publish the list of entries to the draw as soon as we can, as well as acknowledge your entry. Would you bear with us please; inputting the data is taking time.
At this stage crew information is not crucial.  
Many thanks

Graham CS. SYC 

17/07/2018 22:00:02
Salcombe Yacht Club

On review: 117 entries...

 Provisional draw list is here:

Any errors or omissions please email us directly.
Note: If we have your form, then we have sent you an email to acknowledge receipt. If you have no email, please tell us now so we can check why not.
Graham CS. SYC.  


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