Mersea Trolley needed

06/07/2018 15:13:47
Hi all,
While getting my boat ready for Salcombe, my Mersea Trailer literally disintegrated in my hands from corrosion. I've managed to borrow another trolley to get me to Salcombe but I now need a new Mersea Trolley for a winder mk 4.

Anyone got any kicking around spare they would like to sell before I buy a new one?? 
If you can deliver it to Salcombe, even better! 

Email if you can help [email protected]

Thanks for looking 😊

06/07/2018 15:16:32
Alex Jones 3627
Sorry, just to confirm, it's the trolley that needs replacing, the roast Base is fine... Thanks for looking! 

07/07/2018 22:40:06
Alex, call Tony Blackmore at Admiral trailers and they would make you a new one to fit the trailer, but might need the old cradle off of Snorter -


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