Hoodie left at Whitstable

24/06/2018 20:25:05
Hey everyone,
I just realised I left a grey zipped hoodie in the boat park at Whitstable, pretty sure I put it on Will Hendersons boat for a minute and then forgot to pick it up.
Did anyone pick it up/notice it? If anyone could bring it to Shoreham or the champs that would be great.

25/06/2018 22:06:20
Will Henderson
Pete - it was on the ground by my boat.  I picked it up and hung it from the mast support of the boat facing mine which I think was Paul Deans - Will

25/06/2018 22:29:05
Paul Dean
Hi Pete.  My boat was opposite Will's but i don't remember seeing you're hoodie I'm afraid. I'll ask my crew if she picked it  up when i see her on Wednesday and let you know.  Jemma Horwoods boat was also nearby so maybe she saw it.  I'm sure it'll turn up.  Cheers.  Paul

26/06/2018 10:32:13
Pete, we saw it but thought it might below to someone who was still there so left it. Sorry. We will be in Salcombe so could bring it to Shoreham for you if someone else picked it up.

26/06/2018 11:31:45
Jemma 3704

Hello Pete. There was a grey (thick'ish) hoodie on my mast support, I left it on Kieron O'Farells boat 3651 as we left the dinghy park before him. I hope you find it...its turning into a bit of a mystery now isn't it . J


27/06/2018 15:15:28
Jemma 3704

Hello Pete.

 You will be pleased to hear that Kieron has your hoodie and will be taking it to Salcombe. 

29/06/2018 10:30:08
Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the help. I've been off the grid for a couple of days (phone died just before a trip to Italy for work).

I won't be at Salcombe but if it could make its way to Shoreham that would be perfect :)

Thanks again.



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