Brightlingsea open

03/06/2018 19:34:46
Evening all, just wondered whos coming to Brightlingsea next weekend?
Long range forecast looks good!
Let's be having you! 

03/06/2018 22:38:38
Pete, looking good for the weekend. See you there ;)

03/06/2018 23:48:40
I’ll be there Pete!! Looking forward to it. 


04/06/2018 09:09:02
We'll be there with two boats (and a mast for you to look at Mark!) - really looking forward to it.
Sophie and William

04/06/2018 16:22:43
Chris and I will be there - So will Pip and Alex. Should be a good turnout and fun racing! 

04/06/2018 17:52:33
Hi, is camping available next to the club, there’s a note on the SC website about a change of ownership?

04/06/2018 18:10:40
Pete Nicholson
Pretty sure you'll be fine to setup a tent by your boat in overflow field where boats setup for the weekend.  I will ask as quite a few people are camping as weather looks nice.

04/06/2018 20:17:10
We are coming and planning on camping in the field behind the carpark. Hope that’s going to be ok!

06/06/2018 18:03:43
Paul Hollis
Blithfield boats are coming too at least three possibley more. 


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