Phwelli ST 12/13 May

27/04/2018 11:21:42
Online entry is now open and further details available on the club website, via the link below.

Our first chance of proper sea sailing this year and back by popular demand on the ST circuit following “booming popularity” in 2017.

If you are intending to go then please enter online as it helps organise the event and boosts initial interest with anticipated numbers.

First start on Saturday is 1pm, with 5 races scheduled for the weekend.

08/05/2018 10:10:44
Hi everyone,
If you’re intending to race at Plas Heli then can you please enter online to help with the organisation of the event.

Sounds like they are planning a cracker!


08/05/2018 12:24:18
Oliver Turner
Having spoken to the club, they will be open on Friday evening and each morning for food. Saturday nights food, which is included in the entry is a curry with a vegetarian option.

Here’s a link to booking any camping in tents/camper vans. From what I can see it’s;

£12.50 p/n for tents
£20.00 p/n non electric van space
£25.00 p/n electric van space

Being one of our most Northern events, this is a great opportunity for the Northern fleets to experience the Silver Tiller!

08/05/2018 12:34:08
Martin Smith
A little more info for this weekend.

If you don’t like curry or aren’t a vegetanarian then the club have agreed to discount a main meal from the standard menu to the tune of £7:50 pp

There’s more, we have been assured that campers will have overnight access to toilet facilities.

Coupled with the info in Ollies post I think we have camping and food sorted.

Don’t forget following the vote at Midland prize giving this event will count towards Midland Circuit qualification too.

10/05/2018 11:46:07
Olly Turner

11/05/2018 18:42:37
Martin Smith
The early teams have started to arrive, the forecast looks good, it’s not to late to join in!
Who’s coming to Wales this weekend ?

13/05/2018 22:43:03
Martin Smith
What a weekend!
A bit like last year only better!
Great sail Saturday, great meal fleet eating eating together and then party Saturday night.
Awesome sail on Sunday!

17/05/2018 14:02:34
Magnus Smith
I've just read the report on this event, and I think it is lovely to see a podium representing all ages and sexes!
Sadly the results are missing the crew names, which is very naughty. If someone had a moment to tell me who was who, I would gladly set this right!
Matt Biggs &
Simon Potts &
Steven Leney &
Chris Martin &
Richard Dee &
Colin Anderson &
Steve Hunt &
Graham Cranford Smith &
Mark Reddington &
Peter Slack &
Martin Smith &
Miles James &
Chris Luscombe &
Carl Whitehill &

18/05/2018 08:05:10
Chris Martin
in the same order :-
Bekka Jones
Ally Potts
Gill Leney
Samuel Bailey
Nancy "Bob" Gudgeon
Joe Tosh
Sophie (I do apologise I can never remember your name!!)
Steve Penfold
Colin Staite
Vanessa Paschke
Karen Beston
Karen Luscombe
Sorry I dont know!

18/05/2018 10:06:36
Martin Smith
It’s not Sophie it’s Ruth Critchley

18/05/2018 10:13:08
Chris m
Even deeper apologies!!

22/05/2018 08:35:39
Magnus Smith
Thanks Chris. This is important stuff.
I think this report is wonderful publicity for the class, with three ladies on the podium photo. I suppose we needed someone a bit fatter up there too, to indicate the weight range the boats can accommodate!


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