Proctor Celebration gala, Bosham 2nd-3rd June

06/04/2018 19:40:49
  Hi to all the owners of the older boats and in particular, those sailing any of the Proctor marques.
Is anyone hoping/planning on being at Bosham for the Gala event over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd June.
If you'd like to be there, let Andrew Young at Bosham SC know - [email protected]
I'm hearing that some of the remaining workers from Chippendales will be visiting the Gala too - who know, tey may have built your boat!

07/04/2018 15:53:26
andrew young
Further to Dougal's post.....typo error.....
Please note the email address is either   [email protected]    or  [email protected]
Feel free to call me on 07785-234436


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