Starcross Steamer 25th of Feb

27/01/2018 19:09:57
Entries have just opened for the Starcross Steamer pursuit race on the 25th of Feb. 12:30 first start.
There are already 30 entries, 9 of which are Merlins!
It’s great practice for the season and the Starcross Silver Tiller which is on the 21/22 of April. Hope to see you there!

29/01/2018 10:17:51
Olly Turner
With a 100 boat limit, there is already 67 boats entered.
Currently, 14 Merlins have entered; including Chris Gould and JT.

29/01/2018 17:32:01
Dave Lee
Just missing Wild Card! 

29/01/2018 21:37:15
Olly Turner

80 boats now entered; 15 Merlins! Just 20 spaces left. 
The biggest pre season Merlin event this winter?

29/01/2018 23:20:05
Andy D
Wot No Wild Card entered - must be setting a reaching course ... ;) 

31/01/2018 08:20:03
Olly Turner
17 Merlins now entered, including Gorringe.
Just 9 spaces left so get in quick!

31/01/2018 14:28:26
No team Calvert yet as of this morning. Someone needs to give Mike a call asap. See all there in the B14 ;)

31/01/2018 19:05:05
Chris Martin
Mikes on holiday
 (I'm coming too Olly  )

31/01/2018 21:22:57
Dave Lee
Now 18 Merlins entered and only 5 places remaining - get your entry in quick if you want to come!

02/02/2018 13:38:25
one place left. Then the waiting list. Merlins the biggest class followed by 10 RS400s and 7 Aeros. 3 B14s will be on the chase down, in turn chased by 2 RS800s ;)


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