Training Weekend 2018 - please read

17/01/2018 16:26:38
At the committee meeting last night it was decided that in light of the issues regarding trying to organise the usual training weekend it would be better if it did not taken place at all.
There will therefore be no "official" MROA training this year.
However we have several excellent home fleets, and many talented coaches both within out own fleet and outside. We would encourage clubs to organise their own day/weekend of coaching. We will happily help with promotion, if we can help in any other way please get in touch and we will see what we can do. All we would ask is that its arranged sympathetically around local events to avoid clashes with next doors open meeting.
I realise this is a disappointment, but the challenges of sorting a venue, volunteers and students on a different date and around a pretty full on calendar are pretty horrendous. However I can tell you that planning for 2019 is already taking place and Richard is making enquiries to offer something rather different. Watch this space.


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