Open (Casual) Training Datchet Water

11/01/2018 22:33:29
This idea originally started from Chris and I wanting to get back in the boats for a bit of "training" before the season started. Mainly to wipe away all the cobwebs which have collected throughout the winter.

Who is invited:

Anyone who has a merlin rocket and would like to come sailing, all abilities welcome.


The current plan is to go sailing and perhaps set up several exercises in a self coaching way. We do not plan to pay for a coach for the weekend, unless this is a highly sought after option, we could consider it. Saturday would be the main training day where we would try and set up several exercises and try and move around them depending on what each individual boat would like to achieve out of the weekend. Perhaps we can all end up at the pub for dinner after it has been a while since a Merlin social!

Sunday is open for suggestions but I have spoken to datchet sailing club and they are happy to add a start 5 minutes after the club racing for a group of merlin rockets (at no additional cost). So a great opportunity to put into practice the training from the day before!


It is £20 per boat per day which is the standard rate for sailing at Datchet water. I have asked if we can negotiate this price for both days but it may depend on numbers, i.e. the more we bring the cheaper it could be but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

We are looking into having a support boat (costs based on one boat and one driver) to help lay marks and setup exercises for us at £150 to cover Saturday training (split across the number of boats attending).

Please note however that this an informal training session that is open to anyone and it is aimed for a self coaching session.

If this does appeal to you, please confirm your attendance via this Facebook event page. At the moment 16 boats say they are coming sailing.

More details on Facebook!

07/02/2018 13:54:55
Caroline Croft
Confirmed Plans

We are paying for a rib and an instructor who is racing coach qualified all day on Saturday. We can come up with our own plan of what we all want out of it and Will (the coach) will help us to set up the exercises on the water. Sunday we have our own start for club racing.

Timings: The gates open at 8.00 (off the water by 16.30) and close at 17.30. The Merlin start on Sunday is likely to be about 11.15 but we can confirm this on the Saturday.

Cost: We have tried to keep this as cheap as possible. 2 days sailing for each individual boat will cost £30 + the cost of the rib and the driver (£155).

If 20 boats are coming it will be a total cost of £37.50 per boat for a days training, + the club racing on Sunday where we will have our own start and we'll sort out some little prizes.

Please can you let us know if you are coming as it will help me with the organising and any ideas on areas you'd like to focus on are welcome!!

Feel free to contact me at caroline.croft.7274 at

07/02/2018 17:31:31
Ben and Sam Lulham
 Well done everyone for organizing this, sorry we will be unable to make this one, due to a prior engagement. Looking forward to seeing you all on the water soon. 

13/02/2018 09:25:06
Caroline Croft
We will aim for briefing at 9.30am Saturday to get the most out of the day.


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