Gear Guide 2017

09/01/2018 16:02:56
Hi Guys

I am creating a gear guide for the 2017 season, if you placed in the top 10 at the Nationals, Salcombe, the Silver Tiller or the Inlands, we need your information!

So please can I ask you to copy and paste this into an email and send to [email protected]

Helm Name -
Helm Weight -
Crew Name -
Crew Weight -

Hull Manufacturer -
Hull Design (see year book) -
Year Built -

Mast - manufacturer -
Boom - manufacturer -
Poles - manufacturer-
Launchers/conventional poles? -

Main - manufacturer -
Jib - manufacturer -
Spinnaker - manufacturer -

Jib location i.e. in front or behind spinnaker chute -
Standard sail area? If not, please specify -

Centreboard manufacturer -
Rudder manufacturer -

Please make sure that if you swapped gear for any of the events above, that you specify what gear you used for what event.

Many thanks


09/01/2018 20:47:21
Olly Turner
Done, thanks Pip.

10/01/2018 03:05:28
Pip mitt be worth also going after those that missed the top 10 on the ST series but could have been there as they did not cover all types of race area/water. Think that might draw in another 6 - 7

11/01/2018 12:05:24
Hi Barnsie, 
Thanks for your suggestion, but we will keep it as top 10 for now.

01/03/2018 15:50:32
If anyone could point Mike and Jane Calvert in this direction, if appreciate it... thanks! 

01/03/2018 16:39:38
Olly Turner
In case you can’t reach them, I think they’re;

3691, Standard Winder with 2017 mods (see Dave).
Still on the Chipstow rig and poles, last time I looked. 
Winder standard foils.
19 Stone all up. (11 and 8?)
Exe Sails


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