Measurement certificate

05/01/2018 21:50:51
Hi all

Sorry for what is probably a very silly question but here goes. 

I have recently purchased 3357? I need th check the number on the twart. She’s an NSM2. 

I would like to do some of the class racing over the next few years but I don’t have a measurement certificate. 

I can apply for a new one from the RYA but I’m sure this boat had one originally. 

Can I track down the original certificate or do I just apply for a new one and not fill in the sections regarding builder etc. 



05/01/2018 22:42:59
Phone RYA and explain you are the new owner, ask for a certificate updated with your name as owner. They'll let you know if it has never been measured.

05/01/2018 22:44:30
Ignore last part, misread your post.

06/01/2018 09:17:49
Tim Rogers

I think you might be right. I have spoken to somebody else and I think there is an online portal that you can use. 

I’ll let you know how it goes. 


08/01/2018 22:16:55
If you are an RYA member then you can go here to get a new certificate.

09/01/2018 07:56:16
Chris M
I seem to recall that 3357 was quite a good ship in its day.


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