Brian Saffery Cooper

05/01/2018 14:25:10
I heard yesterday that Brian Saffery Cooper, great Merlin Rocket sailor of the 50's and 60's passed away earlier in the week. Condolences to Pam and his family.

07/01/2018 18:20:59
Mike Liggett
Very sorry to get this news Barry.  Brian and his father, Geoffery, were stalwarts of the class.  I remember meetings at Tammy with Geoffery sailing 68 Joy and Brian in 97 Buccaneer with his signature low aspect rig.

14/01/2018 12:46:34
Robert Harris
Sad news about Brian Saffery Cooper, he was a superb sailor in many different kinds of racing boats.
If you are younger than say 50 you've probably never heard of Brian because he goes back a long way. I have a photo taken at Tamesis in 1954 that includes Brian and his father Geoffrey sailing their Merlin Rockets.
I believe Brian sailed the British Finn in the 1964 Olympics. Subsequently he and his wife Pam became leading lights in ocean racing and I think it was in 1981 that they sailed in the British team that won the Admirals Cup.

14/01/2018 22:14:50
Yesterday Man of Whitstable
I am over 50 
I recall Brian coming to Whitstable with both a Merlin and a Finn  
He attended the Whitstable Spring Bank Holiday meeting  in 1966 (51 years ago). It was 3 days of hard slog in sunshine and a strong North Easterly.  John  Oakley dominated the FDs and Brian the Finns  That much I remember of the sailing
The lasting vivid memory of Brian was his  laughter booming around the clubhouse  
Richard Davis  


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