Rookie - needs instruction

08/11/2017 09:55:22

I have just bought a Merlin Rocket but have never sailed one. I am seeking a session of instruction. I live near Oxford but can travel up to 90 minutes. I have sailed quite a few different classes in the past. I am desperate to get up and running. Please either post here or text mobile 07968 410 169 or email [email protected]. I am looking for instruction this Saturday 11/11/17 if possible.



08/11/2017 13:18:50
What have you purchased?

08/11/2017 16:10:32
Ben Loxton-Edwards

The original Gnome 3351 built 1984.

Design - Gnome

Boat Name G-NOME
Builder - Roswell Bros
I have tried a few people on the getting started page but some of the contacts are out of date.  I have sailed RS 500, RS 800 and 49er amongst others. I just need a few hours instruction to find my bearings.
Are you offering?  

08/11/2017 16:44:00
I would but have just gone and purchased a more up to date version. 3565 Scallywag from 3167 Benedictus.
I need to get my head in to the boat and figure out the one string system etc.
Just go and get it wet and see what happens.
Does it have modern rig set up?
On the MR facebook page i have contacted a few peeps on there and getting some very good advice through that.
Hopefully i will be on the water this weekend also.
Any questions i would just ask and they will be answered by someone. 

08/11/2017 16:49:45
Stuart Bates MR3615
Hi Ben,
There is a training session held every year which is hosted by Richard Whitworth.  If you join the association you will get your yearbook and up to date contact details in there.
Otherwise feel free to ask questions and we will endeavour to help.

08/11/2017 16:55:48
Stuart Bates
Try contacting Martin Smith ([email protected]) as he is the area rep that covers down to Banbury and may be best able to help with a local contact.

08/11/2017 17:06:35
Chris Martin
Firstly welcome to the class, from what I recall Gnome might be an old hull but has been updated and kept in good order. Should be a great introduction!
To get going: with the best will in the world i think its unlikely that anyone will be able to get down to you this weekend. The best thing to do would be to visit a local club with Merlins of a similar vintage and set up. If you make contact with the class rep it might be possible for you take the boat and then you'd get exactly what you suggest. Upper Thames strikes me as being pretty close, the other one is Banbury but i'm not sure how many boats they get out.
16th/17th is the Draycote Dash, i'd have thought there would be a Merlin or two there.

08/11/2017 21:13:03
You should join us at the Blithfield Barrel on Sunday (12th Nov).  There will be lots of Merlin sailors (of all abilities) and plenty of  quality Merlin advice on hand!  Well worth a few extra minutes drive and the forecast is excellent.
See Tim's post above
fbook event here:

09/11/2017 08:58:32
Sorry to be slow responding but i have been busy decorating! Give me a call on 01926 812694 or on email at RichardT3227 at  i sail out of Banbury so comparatively close.  Not sailing at the moment as the tide is out but could pop down and see you.  Where are you based north of Oxford and where do you intend to sail Gnome.


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