The death of 3047

07/11/2017 13:13:41
3047 is terminally ill. Everything on it and associated with it is  is up for grabs to try and recoupe some of the cost!

I don't know if I need to report the dismantling to anyone in the class?


07/11/2017 13:47:53
Always a shame when this happens.
Are you looking to buy another????
I have 3167 a NSM1 which i will be selling shortly...
All dry and no soft patches. 
Just thought i would ask. 
Looking around £500?
Sorry to ask..

07/11/2017 19:13:40
Hywel jnr
Very sad about this, Concerto was my first proper Merlin. Even if she was prone to springing the odd plank. 

20/11/2017 13:19:41

Paid the ransom to remove her from death row, and she is now in the care of the Essex Sanctuary for Sick Merlins (a strictly non-profit organisation!).  Gradually replacing the bits that were asset stripped with items from my extensive ragbag and repairing the decay behind the bottom pintle. At least the garboards seem unusually solid. To be continued.

20/11/2017 19:53:59
Andrew Mills
I seem to remember that whilst in Perkins ownership there was an incident on the M5 en route to Salcombe when the 3 family boats were being towed in convoy.  Might well have been Elusive, Concerto and Scenario?
Hywel Snr braked, Hywel Jnr braked harder (towing Concerto) and Tom at the back gently rammed the trailer board.  If it had been anyone else this would have caused enough damage to prevent a week's sailing but in the event it just straightened the slightly bent lower pintle.
But may have been the injury that let the rot in  


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