Endeavour Trophy

17/10/2017 09:04:06
Andrew Mills
Congratulations to Ben Saxton & Toby Lewis on the Endeavour - looking at the results 7 out of the 1st 10 boats contain at least one previous or current Merlin championship contender, which says something about Merlin sailing

17/10/2017 13:11:47
Olly Turner
1st Saxton 
2nd Craig
3rd Gilbert
5th Birrell
8th Pygal
9th Roberts

All Merlin National Champions, making up 10 of our last 11 National Champions (helm or crew), off the top of my head. Guess who was missing! 😉

17/10/2017 14:17:06
Dont't forget Alex Horlock and Arthur Henderson as well in 7th. Alex has been in the front of 3763 this season and Arthur guesting with Alan Roberts at Salcombe Week to name but one event. There was also Holly Scott, Rob and Mary Henderson to name but a few crewing. So 7 (including Ben who has not this season) of the top 10 helms have actively been campaigning Merlins this year. Shows the current depth in the class, but also shows that the ST week in week out warriors will/are finding it harder to get any silverware. Think we can safely say it is probably the most competitive adult none Olympic 2 person dinghy racing in the UK over the last 2 years and probably moving forward. Probably has a lot to do with accessability to good kit, whether, Winder, JT, KC, HD, North, P&B, Exe, Seldon, Chipstow etc and varried types of events with good turnouts. Long may it continue  

17/10/2017 15:37:51
Olly Turner
It was Rob that crewed for Alan at Salcombe Week. 
Arthur crewed for Will.

Plus all the others that haven't been named, a third of the fleet were/are Merlin Sailors!

17/10/2017 23:27:12
Chris Martin
Might was well use Merlins for the Endeavour next year then!
Well done all. 


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