Job tack placement

08/10/2017 19:45:49
Hi Guys,
I gather that some people are moving the jib tack to the bow with the chute behind the tack.
Is this to do with the slot or the balance of the boat or both?
Many thanks,

09/10/2017 06:48:28
Chris Martin
 My boat does feel more balanced with the larger bow tacked jib - we've moved the sails forward effectively, and the board in the Winder hulls is more forward than it was in the 90's CTs - not sure how much. When we did mine the objective was to keep the leech/clew point as close to standard as possible so the slot shouldn't be very much different.
The principle - probably the only very noticeable - advantage is the larger chute.
The down side is that the hoist definitely has a procedure, and if it goes wrong it can be a pain.
Those further the fleet than I am will be able to tell you more!

09/10/2017 16:00:58
Chris Rathbone
Thanks Chris,
What was the area of your old jib please? 2.8 sq m to 3.0 sq m or are they pretty similar?

Not pointing as well as I’d like and interested in current thinking.

09/10/2017 17:38:18
Chris Martin
We went 2.8 (Standard) to 3.12 (Genii rig, slightly modified to accommodate clew position). The P&B equivalant rig has a slightly smaller jib and longer foot on the main.
I'm not sure changing will aid pointing. In my experience if you can't point for not obvious reason its usually because the jib is knackered. Other things to check for are excessive mast bend (Quite likely on a carbon converted hog step - chocks?) and of course slot width, but sounds like you're on top of that.


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