Merlins at Tamesis on 7&8 October

29/09/2017 12:37:27
I'm sure that others will provide more formal information but a quick note to highlight the event.
Vintage on Saturday, all comers on Sunday.  Catering, teas and snacks.
No doubt someone will be along soon with the official NOR!
Hope to see you there.

01/10/2017 12:44:16
Ben Marshall
Hi Tim 
Latest results for De May and Thames series should be available in a day or two !
PS. I saw Squirrel at Banbury, yesterday, but she didn't race.

01/10/2017 21:36:06
Tim Medcalf
Yes she has gone to a new and excellent home!

I bought a replacement which has been racing at Tamesis for a few years.

Hope to see you next weekend.

03/10/2017 13:37:23
John Adams

Details of sailing for  Saturday 7th (Vintage Merlin open meeting, De May Cup) and Sunday 8th (Thames Series, Sondown Cup, Elizabeth Bowl) are on the Tamesis web site (

For both days the first of 3 races, with 2 to qualify, starts at 11am. 

Entry fees are £10 per day.
Look forward to seeing you there. 

04/10/2017 17:47:01
Stuart Bithell
  Do you think there might be club sailors that might race on Saturday and not Sunday? Im looking to borrow a boat to race on the Sunday.  

04/10/2017 22:00:49
John Adams
I'll make enquiries 

04/10/2017 22:06:51
Stuart Bithell
Thanks John.

05/10/2017 09:58:16
John Adams
Stuart, a boat is available. How should the owner contact you?

05/10/2017 11:26:27
John Adams
Stuart, an email with the owner's contact details has been sent to you.

06/10/2017 11:39:48
John Adams

Boat sorted so Stuart Bithell will be sailing in the Sondown Cup at Tamesis this Sunday, 8th Oct.

Anyone else care to join him?

Details and directions on the Tamesis web site


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