Thanks Lymington Town SC

04/09/2017 08:25:05
Martin Smith
Thanks to all involved in organising a great weekend, special mention to the slipway team who seamlessly removed and recovered the trolleys.
It was a "blast"

04/09/2017 08:37:19
Chris Martin
Agreed, and well done to the on water ice cream man!

04/09/2017 10:04:01
Agreed, well run and enjoyable weekend. Few nice touches sushc as the ice creams on the water and tea/donuts after sailing. 

04/09/2017 15:52:41
Overall ST scores updated post Lymington 

04/09/2017 22:45:10
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Thanks for coming everyone.

Great racing and good work by the race officer and his team.

Big thanks to Louise Johnson and Mark Barwell for building a successful and competitive Merlin fleet here in Lymington.

We are having lots of fun.


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