Nationals, Inlands history

02/08/2017 14:27:09
Asking for help. Bristol Corinthian YC is trying to identify all winners of major championships for inclusion on an honours board in the clubhouse. I'm aware of a Merlin fleet at BCYC going back several decades. The question is, did any BCYC member ever win the champs or Inlands? Thanks.

02/08/2017 18:01:53

Hi Steve

I maintain a list of past winners on the site here, however Club info is not included.  Not sure if long term members on BCYC would be able to pick out those from your club? champions

02/08/2017 22:53:25
former whitstable pro
Ian Brown and Rex Bradford were from BCYC  I believe and shared the champs with Alan Warren and Barry Dunning at Plymouth in 1965

03/08/2017 16:50:58
Gavin Willis in 1983 for the Inlands

03/08/2017 18:38:07
Geoff W
Dan Alsop was a member of BCYC in the 80's I believe- he would probably know who were the members around  then?   I have a vague recollection that Phil King and/or Chris Haworth might have been members of BCYC around then but I could be wrong?

07/08/2017 17:07:06
Steve Bolland
Thanks everyone. Gavin is still a member at BCYC so I'm picking his brains - apparently Paul Seddon was a member when he won the 1988 Inlands. Chris Haworth is also still a member and I believe Phil King was for a time, just not sure when.

22/08/2017 13:35:49
Jennie King
Phil King/ Jennie King were members of BCYC in early 1990s - I remember being awarded a club trophy after we won the Merlin nationals at Plymouth 1992. We joined Bowmoor SC approx 1994. 

04/09/2017 11:58:03
Steve Bolland
Thanks Jennie,
I don't suppose you remember the exact years you and Phil were members of Bristol Corinthian? Unfortunately our membership records only go back to 2001.


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