Date for Late Ranelagh Open - Thames Series Finale - Saturday 11th November 2017

24/07/2017 17:52:51
Frances Gifford

The date for the late Ranelagh open has finally been finalised.  It will be a downriver race, under the bridges, on Saturday 11th November.  Parking is no problem for downriver races as the riverbank is available, so we're able to run it on a Saturday.  I'll post more details nearer the time, but it will be a 13.30 start.  Tides are pretty neapy which is good for the foils....

There will be the usual catering - breakfast and a hot meal afterwards, all included within the £10 entry fee.

Apologies for the late entry to the fixtures list.

24/07/2017 21:10:51
Great news Fran, pretty sure a few Lymo boats will be there

25/07/2017 10:05:17
Frances Gifford
Lymo boats of course extra welcome - there's a night out in Putney with free accoms if you don't all need to get back for Sunday racing.....


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