NSM 2 gunwale material.

08/07/2017 15:14:19
Hi all,

I've recently purchased 3387, she is an old NSM 2 from the 80's I guess (open to comments).

She has some damage to the last half a meter of gunwale on the port side. 

Is the timber used likely to be ash? 

Any advice would be much appreciated. 


08/07/2017 17:59:32
Chris Rathbone
Hi. It could be sycamore.

08/07/2017 17:59:49
Chris Rathbone
Hi. It could be sycamore.

10/07/2017 17:16:01
It will be sycamore. I may have an offcut to do the job if you measure up, (allowing for the length of the scarph required). 

11/07/2017 20:03:08
John Dalby
Hi Tim,
If it is white (or very light) it is sycamore, if it is reddy brown it is most likely mahogany. It might be rather posh and be mahogany with a sycamore lamination to give a nice white line between the mahogany deck and mahogany outer.
If it white with some black in it then it will be sycamore that has been wet!
Not difficult, just need a sharp plane and some time!

12/07/2017 18:54:36
Timothy Rogers
Thanks for the help everybody. Much appreciated. 


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