Next best thing to being there!

03/07/2017 18:23:57
Andrew Mills
Not all the Merlin fleet are in Salcombe this week.  If you aren't and you haven't looked at Y&Y yet then do so now!
Tim Fells' reports are superb and illustrated with photos today and 2 brilliant videos on yesterday's report.  How does he manages to get the copy on the website so quickly?  I suppose finishing in the top group does help...
Please keep it up, I for one will be waiting and watching.

05/07/2017 10:17:39
Andy Gray
Ditto: Superb copy from Tim Fell, potographers and videos from GoSlo maestro Will Loy I presume!
Cheering me up from knee job this week.
 Thanks Andy 

07/07/2017 11:40:43
John Dalby
Great stuff from Tim Fells. I don't know how he does it. 
Many thanks.

07/07/2017 19:28:09
Andrew Mills
Not only superb reporting on the event with all the drama of how the races unfold but he has gone and won it too!  And he is such a modest guy with it.
Congratulations Tim on your Salcombe week from the spectators afar.  I see you have also entered the regatta where I may get a distant glimpse of your transom!!  (There are only 20 places available for the regatta and 11 entries to date - Julian Harms where are you??)

08/07/2017 09:26:29
Ben Marshall
Congratulations to Tim and Fran. Many thanks for my excellent daily catch up. Readers - NOMINATE THE YY ARTICLE for article of the month ! Why not win that one as well !!


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