Well done HISC

12/06/2017 08:09:33
Chris Martin
A big well done to HISC for getting 5 well run races in this weekend in challenging conditions, particularly yesterday.
I'm sure i speak for everyone who was there when I say last weekend is probably going to be one of the highlights of this season, sunshine and a good breeze.
Well done Graham and all involved. 

12/06/2017 12:22:44
Graham W

Thanks Chris - it was a pleasure to host the class again and to catch up with folks. Well done to everyone for a weekend of high class competition.



12/06/2017 17:17:38
 Looks like it was exciting, great to see JT/RP & Panther mixing it up at the top of the fleet ?

13/06/2017 12:36:00
Hayling results now added to ST scores


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