Biographic article on Jon Turner in Y&Y

24/05/2017 19:11:03

 May I recommend to all that you read David Henshall's article on Jon Turner, which is currently on the Yachts and Yachting website?

Jon is, in my view, one of the Greats of Merlin Rocket history, and he is still ploughing his own very individual furrow in the class. I am privileged to have known Jon (off and on) since he first started at Rowsell Brothers, way back in the late 60s. The first Merlin Rocket that he built was MR 2131 'Bonny Girl', owned by my friend Don Hearn - Don and I went down to Camperdown Terrace to collect the boat and there is a photo that I took of Jon and Don, with Brian Rowsell, in Dougal's article.

I know from Dougal that the more he delved into Jon's history, the more he became almost over-awed by the man's achievements. Jon would be the last man to trumpet them, but Dougal's article gives him full credit.
The article is aptly entitled "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" 

24/05/2017 21:56:11
Can also be found online on y&  Excellent article.

25/05/2017 09:50:45
Definitely worth a read


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