Brightlingsea Silver Tiller Open 4th and 5th June

22/05/2017 21:02:44
Hope lots of you can see us on the East Coast find the NOR the club website

22/05/2017 22:16:52
Martin Smith
Hi Piers can I park my camper in the dinghy park for the weekend? Hope there isn't a height restriction!!

23/05/2017 08:43:37
Oops meant 3rd and 4th of course!
Martin contact me on [email protected] - regards

30/05/2017 11:43:28
Martin Smith
Hi is there food in the club on Saturday? I can't find a social programme probably just me!

30/05/2017 17:56:47
Pete Nicholson
Hi Martin, yes there is food available at the club Saturday evening.  Think from 6.30pm then bar games after foods digested.  
More info including nor and everything is on Brightlingsea homepage.  There's a red box which has Merlin/fireball open/gp14.
With regard to height barriers there are none so no issues with the camper van.
Also mention we have a galley which does very good breakfasts and snacks so all areas covered.
Hope to see you at the weekend.
Pete Nicholson 

30/05/2017 18:36:20
Olly Turner
See you there! 👍

31/05/2017 09:34:52
Can we camp at the club??

04/06/2017 18:49:19
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Any results from the racing today?

04/06/2017 22:15:34
Martin Smith
A few thankyous!
To the club great event, this was my first visit but you can be sure I would love to come back!
Ollie Turner thanks for the rope box and a bit of your old rope to replace my main halyard tail!
To the chap with the magnet and split pin who basically retreaded my halyard a very big thank you for getting us out for two races today!
A top weekend!!

05/06/2017 09:03:17
I'd like to re-iterate Martin's comments - this was an awesome weekend of sailing, thanks to everyone at Brightlingsea for making it happen - great club, wonderful sailing and exceptional race management. 

06/06/2017 13:25:03
Overall ST updated with Brightlingsea results. Team Chris up to 2nd after securing their 3rd win of the season 


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