Bourne End Week - 27 to 30 May 2017

04/05/2017 12:10:47
Dear all
Not all the links on the UTSC website are obvious and working....
Notice of Race is here 
Some headlines...
Race Schedule - Time of warning signal...
Saturday 11.00 and 14.45, Hog Roast in the evening (included in week entry)
Sunday 09.45 and 13.55, Cocktail Party tickets £8.50 each, starts at 18.00
Monday 09.45 and 11.05, A-Rater Queens Cup at 13.55
Tuesday 09.45 and 13.55
8 races scheduled, 2 discards if they are completed
There is also a general handicap on Wednesday morning at 09.55
Enter for the week and get 2 free hog roast tickets, daily entry does not get this.  Otherwise £9 a head if not entered for the week or you want extra tickets
There is a meal on Friday evening for early arrivals 
Weekly entry is £61, daily entry is £18 before 21 May.
The online entry form and food bookings can be found here 
Take care whilst completing the form - choose the option you want as you can enter by the day and a different part of the form to complete if you are under 18...  The early entry discount ends on 21 May...

08/05/2017 21:25:09
Jeremy Stein
Looking forward to seeing everyone at UTSC. Just to add that to receive the early booking sailing discount you need to complete the online booking and the payment process by midnight on Sunday 21st. You can still book online after this till the 24th but there's no discount. 

09/05/2017 06:39:08
Chris Rathbone
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Bourne End Week. Good sailing, great socials-wht's not to like. Don't forget to sign up before the 21st to get the early booking discount!

09/05/2017 13:17:04
Chris Kilsby
Looking forward to it! Who else is coming?

16/05/2017 07:47:18
Chris Rathbone
Hi Everyone,
Don't forget  that the cut off for discounted entry ends on 21st May. A lot of the trees have been cut back on both banks courtesy of Richard Pausey and his team. So far this year, sailing has been really good so do come and join us!

18/05/2017 19:06:23
Richard P
Just a reminder that the early entry discount expires on Sunday 21st May.
Looking forward to seeing you at the River Champs! 


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