Rutland open results

03/05/2017 10:05:10
Can someone kindly email me a copy as can't locate online. Thanks

04/05/2017 09:51:12
ben lulham
The results from Rutland are now up on the website under open events

04/05/2017 12:38:21

Thanks Ben

Sadly it is a pdf format so I can't copy into excel, save retyping results. Anyone know a contact at the club who could provide in a different format?

04/05/2017 12:45:58

 PS they appear to have 2 websites which is odd. Results only on one of them


04/05/2017 13:04:02
Is there a report?

04/05/2017 13:10:41
Email [email protected] and he should be able to send then as excell 

04/05/2017 14:13:29

Thanks again Ben, will follow-up!

05/05/2017 10:02:38

Ok I managed to convert to text, then run through an import process, so now have the results. Wasn't helped they did surnames first either, errr....

 Anyway results will be posted in a minute 


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