Lowers rig diameter

21/03/2017 08:23:28
Hello rocketeers, 

Simple question really, what size 7/19 are we using for lowers these days?? 

How much travel doses the lower need? 

Currently setting up on 2235 with its new carbon stick! 

Many thankss :)


21/03/2017 11:43:03
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Use dyneema

Much easier.

3mm sk99 dyneema 

21/03/2017 20:14:47
Chris Martin
Far be it for me to disgaree, I stick with 3mm 7x19 :)
Dyneema should be OK on paper, but on the two occasions I've used it I've not found it satisfactory and discarded it very quickly. The length seems to vary between outings making calibration problematic. Ive yet to try DM20 (English Braids call it Dynastay) for the actual lower which should be better, but wire works, is low windage, cheap and readily available. 
The lowers are very critical and reliable calibration is essential. I use Dynastay on the cascades - its super stable and on both my boats I've only had to trim up once for settlement. With the SK products you seem to have to do this several times before they settle down. 

23/03/2017 20:27:26
Gareth Griffiths
Hi Chris

I haven't played with the DM 20 on mine yet, as far as I knew it was a great product for shrouds, forestry etc but not great at going round purchases.

I have had no creep on my sk99 for the rake and rig tensioning systems. My bury's are all 100x diameter, 300mm on 3mm SK99 core. 


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