3378 "Fang"

21/02/2017 19:23:02
Hi all,
We are the current very proud owners of 3378 a wooden NSM4 called "Fang" which spent the majority of her life in Poole. Unfortunately, with a young family, she's neither getting the water time or maintenance that she requires.
Lots of photos and information available. Send me an email if interested.

21/02/2017 20:04:31
Chris Rathbone
Originally owned by Peter Impey. A very fast boat....

22/02/2017 16:22:33
Nigel, I would suggest listing this boat in the 'for sale' section of the website as an advert will last longer than a post on this forum, Jeremey Deacon who is in charge of the for sale section can be emailed via the 'committee' pages. Good Luck.


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