17/02/2017 17:00:13
If you are not doing vintage Wroxham, why not come and join us for 2 days of the best sea sailing in the UK?  4 varied raceson big courses which should be good practice for Pwllheli.  Separate starts for Classes with 6 or more boats.  Stuart Gurney will be the race officer (so with the benefit of all-day bar opening there should be plenty of scope for bribery).  What with the legendary Bar-B-Q on the Saturday evening plus the possibility of Gurn's vinyl on the turntables you really should not miss it!
Details on the LRSC website.
Dan Alsop 

17/02/2017 18:16:59
stuart gurney
how dare you Alsop - squeeky clean (apart from a pint of Palmers 200 of course)

17/02/2017 18:19:12
stuart gurney
Oh forgot to mention - the fee for the whole weekend for Merlins
is £25 inc £10 launching fee to the Harboumaster - not what is shown on the LRSC web pages! 

26/02/2017 11:05:16
stuart gurney
Entry Fees now correct on LRSC Web Pages 
John Turner and Domonic Bowns coming in their JT flying machines and Dan Alsop in Ganstsa -  flys even faster sometimes!

02/03/2017 10:12:36
stuart gurney
latest entry Chris Martin

20/07/2017 10:16:10
the gurn
Only two weeks to get in your entry. 
check out the tricky starting lines!
Champagne sailing guaranteed. 
Stuart Gurney 
Regatta Chairman and PRO (proper status at last) 


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