Tiger trophy

01/02/2017 20:17:05
Only one boat signed up for tiger trophy this weekend anyone else coming?

02/02/2017 08:26:54
Chris Martin
With an entry fee of nearly £60 i think that this fleet, along with others, are voting with their feet. 

02/02/2017 09:17:20
I wonder how they justify that amount??

02/02/2017 10:38:53
Chris M
They are chucking in 2 tickets to the evening dinner which if you were going to go to it anyway makes it less terrible, but if you were not going to the dinner pretty much makes you go and sail somewhere else.

The other point is can they really cope with 300 sailors plus hangers on eating at the same time?

02/02/2017 19:45:07
starcross steamer this weekend......full up i believe.......wonder why???

03/02/2017 09:40:05
Good to hear that some folk are not supporting this sort of thing. The only way to stop these crazy entry fees is to boycot the events.

03/02/2017 15:00:19
It is not just the cost, but the format and potential disasters that can happen. Last year was a good example where they sent us out in gusts over 30 knots downwind to the start. One of the top B14s who specialise in heavy weather sailing exploded their rig about 400 m. offshore setting their kite. The first of a number of rigs to let go. On the way back after 45 miutes of full on hanging around behid the headland, when they decided it was in fact to windy, we got flattened going upwind doing 15 knots and ended up doing 4 360s before we got her up and on our way home with us both standing on the outer bar of the wings once up on 2 occasions. We told the ribs to stay away as 3 wanted to get involved and would probably have caused damage just prior to exhibiting the boat at the Dinghy Show a few weeks later. One of the windiest sails I have had in a skiff or Merlin. Some thought they were pushing the margins so that they did not need to refund any of the entry fee. They then sent us back out later in 25 knots with more masts and bits breaking across the classes. As you can imagine we were not sailing at our best as we felt we had been boxed scenseless in the earlier conditions which sapped much energy (much harder than a chamionship race in the Merlin). Many I know having chatted to them, held off this year till the forecast came in and then 8 entered yesterday to bring up the group a bit. However, the fast fleet is descimated and only 109 entries this year. The cost puts salt in the whole thing. Oxford had more (18.02.2017) entries prior to the last 9 entries last night (102). May be ttime for Rutland to rethink their policy and approach to the event 

03/02/2017 15:01:52
Yes we're at Starcross this weekend as well, though we have been leading the Speedsix till this weekend. Probably be nowhere aft the Tiger

03/02/2017 16:31:44
According to the pre event publicity I understand that half the entry fee and meal charge goes to the John Merrick's Sailing Trust so...........


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