Congratulations Simon and Ally

20/01/2017 20:07:54
Chris Martin
In happier news, Simon Potts and Ally Martin got married this afternoon.
I'm sure we with them both all the best! 

20/01/2017 20:28:20
John Cooper
Brilliant news.  Congratulations from Murren, where this time last year I met them here when they were attending a wedding  Must have given them ideas!

21/01/2017 08:46:47
Congratulations to the happy couple, best wishes for the future from The Archers!

21/01/2017 15:33:09
Congratulations Allie and Simon. Hope you had great weather for the photos and a great day overall

21/01/2017 18:16:51
Dan Alsop
About time too!
Seriously, I wish you all happiness,

22/01/2017 19:28:48
Phil Emery
Great news!
Love to you both.


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