1715 Good Lady

29/11/2016 15:54:05
I would be interested to find out what happened to Good Lady, she belonged to my brother-in-law (Eddie Johnson) in the 1960's and I was his crew. We sailed her at Chasewater for about 7 years until 1969 when I joined the RN. Sailing on the Dart in a Bosun was a doddle compared to racing a MR.
Eddie died recently (85)  and I have been sent a beautiful picture of us sailing Good Lady at Llandudno in about 1964 at the Cock of the North ?
Any information would be appreciated. 

15/12/2016 11:55:23
Mike Liggett
I have checked on the year books from 1965 up to 1997 and H. Johnson is still given as the owner.  After that date there is no record.

21/12/2016 09:53:06
Dear Mike
Thank you very much for the research.
Happy Christmas
Bill Woodcock 


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