Guest speakers

21/11/2016 23:40:52
Want to organise a guest speaker at Wembley to do a talk on aspects of racing. Anybody any ideas

22/11/2016 10:33:40
Mike Mac would be my first choice- with humor too ! 

22/11/2016 10:35:14
Sorry finger problem Humour

22/11/2016 10:52:19
Chris Rathbone
Not sure if he still does it but Phil Morrison was a brilliant speaker when he came to Upper Thames

22/11/2016 19:49:04
Olly Turner
Hands down, the best dinner speaker for racing knowledge and experience, humour and plenty of Merlin stories that I've had the pleasure of witnessing multiple times-Spud Rowsell!!

23/11/2016 05:27:51
Colin b
Thanks for these.  Will follow up

26/11/2016 04:43:59
Rob Holroyd
Could always try DIck Batt


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