18/11/2016 12:18:07
When Gerry Brittain and I were discussing the first Merlin Week one of the options we discarded might meet the current problem
If the fleet were sub-divided into six groups then 15 races are required in order that each group will meet each of the others once
. If three races per day are run the process will be completed in five days . For the sixth day the fleet would be divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets based on the results of the first five days and the three races on the final day would complete the week . 
More helms and crews from the middle of the fleet would be taking home prizes !!
See you there
Alan Chaplin 

18/11/2016 13:20:03
Well said Alan

25/11/2016 18:38:52
Tim Male
I do hope that SYC have the courage to make a change and can find a way to get more people than 120 boats on the water in July. 

25/11/2016 23:53:46
Formr Whitstable pro
It might help if the MROA Committee asked for volunteers to help in the Starting Box .
The Week is potentially the event that brings the most visitors to Salcombe and three races per day is less onerous on the admirable organisation than Regatta Week. If the entry fleet is frozen at 160 as of now with no further entrants or replacements then , allowing for some attrition , we might be down to around 50 on the start line and that would not require a closure of the harbour.


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