Autumn mag

16/11/2016 19:29:11
Distribution list of to the printers think it will be 1/2 weeks
Before the dog gets a chance to chew it

Parted with Jupiter my Merlin very sad.  Quite a waiting list for new winders

17/11/2016 18:43:07
Ben 3767

Other builders are available...


21/11/2016 09:20:31
Dont follow the crowd
Ticket to Ride, Easy Roller, Genii Evo, Born to Be Wild...lots of options other than Winders! 

21/11/2016 11:22:06
Dave C
Will the 2017 events be out soon then? 

21/11/2016 13:21:33
Olly Turner
Silver Tiller fixtures will be in the Autumn Mag.

26/11/2016 16:30:46
Please can we get the fixtures published online ASAP! 

03/12/2016 16:01:48
Chris Rathbone
Another great magazine, Patrick. Well done!

03/12/2016 17:33:09
Alan Feist
Great read and what an appetizer for 2017!

05/12/2016 13:08:35
Thank you Patrick for lots of goodies for retired Merlin Rocket sailors.
I love the photo of Angela and Alan on the front cover. I first met them at Burnham Week in 1958, they were married in 1959. A few months later our Dad, Harry Harris, took delivery of Passing Cloud' no. 1079 which was built by Jack Holt.
By chance 'Passing Cloud' is in the backdrop to the photo of Angela and Alan, that day she was sailed by Dad's grandson Richard and great grandson Harry. She's still a winner as she proved when Dave Dobrijevic and Alan Jackson won the Champions race sailing her.

06/12/2016 14:10:04
Let me know if anybody needs any spares for their club

07/12/2016 23:05:27
Sam Hirst
Hi Colin,
Slight cock up om my behalf, I moved house earlier this year and believe the MR Autumn magazine has been delivered to my old address!
Was wondering if you could help me out and send a copy to my new address please?
 Thank you in advance,
Sam Hirst 3610
43 Brackensdale Avenue,
DE22 4AF

08/12/2016 05:57:27
Will do

08/12/2016 09:12:55
Ben 3767
Hi Colin, We'd love some spares for the PYC magazine rack please.

08/12/2016 09:12:59
Ben 3767
Hi Colin, We'd love some spares for the PYC magazine rack please.

08/12/2016 18:38:22
Will send them too you

Have a happy Xmas Ben

09/12/2016 15:48:08
Lou Johnson
Please LTSC have a some too ?
Lymington Town Sailing Club, Bath House, Bath Road, Lymington SO41 3SE 
Thank you  

10/12/2016 06:58:05
Will do Lou

Well done with the Lymington fleet
Happy xmas


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