3631, Scantily Clad, free to a good home.

13/11/2016 21:48:09
Chris Martin TSC

Dear All:


I have submitted the below to the ‘For Sale’ section. I hope that someone will be able to take on the renovation of 3631, Scantily Clad, (free to a good home) and get another ‘Make It So’ design sailing again.

I purchased Scantily Clad two years ago with the intention of reinstating the foredeck (which was removed by the previous owner)…however, a growing family has left me with little time to progress the work and the boat is therefore now freely available to anyone with the skills and motivation to complete the work.


Please kindly call to arrange a viewing in Surbiton.

Kind regards,



15/11/2016 14:45:37
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Looks nice. Too busy at the moment but if you still have it next spring let me know


15/11/2016 23:32:59
stewart gibbons
Interested in taking on the work to restore Scantily Clad - do you have any photos showing current condition/ work required.

16/11/2016 08:30:25
Martin Smith
How long until Mr Deacon shows an interest I wonder?

16/11/2016 18:11:54
Derik Palmer
I could be interested. Are there any pictures?

24/11/2016 09:27:47

Actually Martin, given I see the adverts before they get posted on the for sale list, I considered this before it went on the list.

I would have jumped at the chance had I not already got 2 merlins and OK and a Phantom that is currently undergoing resto in the workshop.  I just don't have the space for it as I left Cookham Sailing Club a couple of months ago and now have all 4 boats at home!

If it is still up for grabs when the Phantom has been sold then you never know! 

24/11/2016 17:21:04
Chris M
Its gone - to the IOW


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