Salcombe YC Merlin Week

02/11/2016 11:37:53
Merlin Week entry fees, all those fortunate enough to have a merlin week entry please ensure you make payment in full by Friday 5pm, failing which your entry will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.  
Please note that the entry cost is £155 +£10 mill bay should you require it, please kindly ensure that you have paid the right amount.
Hatley - 3545 - please contact the office as I don't have any contact details for you.

02/11/2016 13:44:19
Dave C
Hi Clare, 
So you don't get 120 people phoning up on Friday, can you tell us when we should expext the confirmation e-mail that payment has been received? I've not had mine yet but I expect that is because you have so many to process.
Thanks, Dave 

02/11/2016 20:13:39
Rob Hatley
Clare, I have sent you an email.


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