Boat names

21/09/2016 10:25:00
Peter Male
The list of names (Under the 'About' heading) has now reached 249.  Who can make this up to 250?

21/09/2016 15:58:40
Just submitted one for our old boat

21/09/2016 22:37:39
Martin Smith
A bit cryptic Pete where is this information for all to see?

21/09/2016 22:56:24
Peter Male
Martin   -   second heading from the left  =  'About'   Hover over this and 'Boat names' is bottom of the list.
Now 251 with 2 pending.   260 before the weekend?

22/09/2016 03:41:31
Stuart Bates MR3615
Do you want full description of the reason for the name, or would just the boat name be ok, as I can remember quite a few but not why they were called that?

23/09/2016 23:10:30
Peter Male
Stuart  -  The purpose of the page is to give the reason for the names that owners have chosen.  Editing this page has shown it is not always obvious.
Missed the 260 target but many thanks to those who have sent submissions in the last 2 days.

26/09/2016 02:19:27
Stuart Bates MR3615
Thanks, thought that was the case, was just validating that.


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