Launching conditions in Penzance

09/08/2016 08:33:23
Andrew Mills
So now with only a few days to go I am starting to pack up the boat and wondering which rudder to pack (or both?) for Penzance.  The lifting one did not behave itself in Salcombe refusing to stay fully down on the windiest days, which would not be much fun in big waves.  We launch in the harbour I think?  Is there plenty of room to fiddle about getting the rudder on?

09/08/2016 08:55:14
Olly Turner
I seem to remember there being pontoons that you could walk the boat down to get the rudder on.

09/08/2016 09:58:55
Hi Andrew,
launching is off a slipway in to the small harbour which is protected by a sea wall and is populated by moored yachts and fishing boats. There is a pontoon located to the left of the slipway which you could walk the boat along to put the rudder on.
Check out this Google satellite picture which will help you get your bearings. There will be a trolley tally system and volunteers to help with launch and recovery.

09/08/2016 12:25:13
Andrew Mills
OK so it's the deep JT fixed one I'll take,  Looking forward to it.
P.S. I'm sure I put Ellie on my entry form as my crew but it is still TBA on the entry list. 

09/08/2016 18:48:17
Thanks Andrew, I've updated the entry list with Ellie's name.


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